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Embroidered Sweatshirts by Lexi's Loops!

Lexi's Loops is an embroidered sweatshirt business owned by Lexi Gossage, who is a college student at the University of Arkansas! She has made so many items for me personally and for me to give as gifts! I always leap at the chance to support a fellow college gal, especially when her sweatshirts are literally what's missing in your closet. Make sure to get your hands on one of these, they are COMPLETELY customizable to anything you can dream of. She recently added tie-dye sweatsuits to her line of products and I can speak from experience, that they are so comfy and a great outfit to wear to class on the days you don't want to dress up but want to look like you sort of tried that morning. To take a look at her products or place an order, message @lexis_loops on instagram!

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